We need a new relationship between government, occupiers and property owners in order to reinvigorate our towns and city centres, provide quality housing and meet the challenges of tech-led change.

Sally Jones

For places to be successful they need to reflect the more fluid way in which people want to live today, blending work, home and leisure in a seamless manner. In order to do this, we need a planning regime that is more flexible, lease structures that are more agile and an industry that is more tech-enabled.

It’s difficult to see 2019 being anything other than tough but looking to the longer-term fundamentals, we expect to see continued demand for great places that meet changing customer and consumer needs, across sectors.

We think our mixed-use campuses are well placed in this regard. Polarisation will continue to play out, probably accelerated, in terms of location, occupiers and landowners.

Resolution: Find a better crystal ball gazer!

Sally Jones, head of strategy and investments at British Land


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