Most in the industry will, like us, be hoping a Brexit deal is struck early.

Scott Tyler

We hope business will not be distracted by the ongoing political dramas. There is appetite for investment and we’re keen to capitalise on this.

But we are in the eye of the Brexit storm and while we are optimistic about what can be achieved, it’s impossible to make accurate predictions. To use a property analogy, we are effectively at ‘the day before exchange of contracts’ and this is when the real negotiations start!

If a deal has not progressed soon and we are staring down the barrel of a no-deal Brexit, it’s likely to be a low-volume year for investment. A deal secured in early 2019 could see a flurry of activity in office and industrial sectors. Retail, however, will need to realign its values.

Resolution: My number-one resolution is to stop worrying about Brexit, focus on the business and look forwards. I want to attract yet more market-leading talent to the firm to continue driving our growing investment and professional service business streams. We are a people-focused business, so I’m keen to spend more face-to-face time with my clients and peers.

Scott Tyler, senior partner at Allsop

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