I hope geopolitics plays second fiddle to real economics and the public recognises the strength and diversity of the UK despite the inadequacies of Westminster.

Simon Cooke APAM

I hope the booming regional markets in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Glasgow are globally recognised as cosmopolitan places to work and live and, as a result, the UK economy is seen as much more than just a London-centric global financial services hub.

I hope the rest of the world recognises the UK’s extraordinary talent pool, exemplified by modern and ambitious companies preferring to locate and expand here.

With diverse investor risk profiles, we are agnostic about the market in the sense that we work to the market conditions we have rather than to subjective forecasts. We do, however, see continued growth in London and regional city offices due to supply-and-demand dynamics, and we see a real opportunity to reposition town centres as fit-for-purpose communities with vibrancy and economic sustainability. It is essential that all stakeholders, particularly local authorities, play to their strengths to deliver a solution to the challenge in the difficult retail environment.

Resolution: Regardless of the headwinds, enthusiasm, passion and skill will drive business forward. At APAM, we are as enthusiastic as ever about our business and see significant opportunities with our new partners at Catella. We resolve in 2019 to focus beyond the numbers; it is sobering to think that Save the Children was founded 100 years ago to help starving children in Germany post WWI; today, its services are more in need across the globe than ever before. As an industry, we should acknowledge not only our responsibility but also the opportunity we have to make a difference to others.

Simon Cooke, executive director, APAM