360 service, 360 products, 360 sustainability, 360 innovation. LOFT has provided a 360 solution for residential interiors for 20 years.

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Positioned perfectly in the centre of the residential marketplace, we advise, and add value for landlords, investors, residents, agents, developers, contractors, & operators.

As our portfolio grows, so too does our circle of knowledge, connections and expertise. As a central support function for lettings, property management, residential wellbeing, and community development, we have an incredibly balanced and deep understanding of both landlords and residents. We use our People First ethos to tap into the most current needs of our audiences and consistently deliver for them.

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With a proven track record in adapting to the demands of the residential marketplace, pioneering interior trends across buy to let, student living and build to rent, our flexibility across the entirety of the property sector has sustained our growth. Our position within the marketplace has allowed LOFT to bring together leaders and innovators from across the industry to create ‘Build To Regenerate – Residential 360’.

Featuring such influential property players as Amber, Homeviews, UKAA, Dandara, Greystar and many more, this publication truly brings together the most currently knowledgeable minds in the sector to offer insight into the most key topics right now. Some of these key topics featured include:

Environmental & Social Governance

ESG is more than good intentions. It’s about creating a tangible, practical plan that achieves real results. It’s about embedding environmental, social and economic to create a 360° ESG infrastructure that serves to create a brighter future. ESG is not a choice, it is a responsibility for companies to continue evolving and growing the sector.

LOFT Residential 360 Cover Mockup

LOFT Residential 360 Cover Mockup

Residential Community

Community is truly a 360 concept. We rely on community as much as it relies on us, without one there would not be another. Give back more than you take, cultivate positivity in your community and never underestimate the power of communal unity. Wellbeing and security are paramount to building a trusting community that authentically supports one another and the surrounding area.


Residential technology is a powerful 360° digital infrastructure that spans every corner of the sector to simplify, innovate and deliver unique results. Utilised and regulated correctly, proptech has the ability to transform the residential landscape. The technology available, collective capabilities and shared knowledge we possess has never been stronger – let’s use it to make a better tomorrow.

Build To Rent

The propulsion of the BTR market since its UK inception speaks for itself. Quality services, interiors and environments are features that will never fall from favour. Residents want and deserve, a living experience that positively contributes to their lives beyond just facilitating a basic accommodation option. Let’s keep making it happen.

This thought-leadership journal has been curated as a guide for all property professionals across the entirety of the sector. As the conversations span across every corner of the industry, the shared knowledge will hopefully guide and inspire to create a brighter future for all stakeholders across the property sector.

If you would like some further information on how LOFT implement these insights to create our People First interiors, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We understand how crucial each factor spoken about is to create a fulfilling and holistic residential experience for any resident audience.

Author Bio

Stephen Fahy

Stephen Fahy is the lead Copywriter at LOFT. Stephen has covered all aspects of the residential property sector through writing, researching and communicating with people all across the industry. By having such a wide pool of internal company knowledge to call on when needed, he can always get the most current perspective on key issues in the sector.