Open Plan

The Property Week campaign for greater diversity in the property industry.

Women in Property awards 2019

Women in Property finalists say industry has a way to go


Following 2019 awards, previous finalists give their views on changing attitudes to women in the industry

Workplace office diversity

An industry for LGBTQ+ graduates

2019-10-10T00:00:00+01:00By Marko Salopek

This is the time of year when most graduates traditionally start work following the completion of their undergraduate or post-graduate studies. It is an exciting month and a time when they start their career in their chosen profession, gain further independence, meet new people and start developing their professional experience.


Q&A with RESI trailblazer Ayesha Ofori


Ayesha Ofori has launched PropElle which is a platform that offers property education, practical advice and guidance to women who invest in property.


Property firms rally to combat the mental ill-health epidemic


The property industry is starting to do its bit to tackle the mental ill-health epidemic. Companies are discovering that as well as helping to overcome issues unique to the sector, investing in the wellbeing of employees improves retention rates and productivity.

Office community

Helping people find true value

2019-09-25T22:00:00+01:00By Colette O'Shea

It’s easy to take employment for granted. We establish a routine, learn new things, gain skills, make friends, earn money and progress through life. While this is a journey familiar to so many, for others this can seem out of reach.


Mentoring can be of huge benefit

2019-09-18T22:00:00+01:00By Sue Clayton

Throughout their careers, most people will have received some level of career advice, be it from a manager, a friend, a parent or a colleague.

Blackstock resicast

RESIcast: Diversity isn’t about “us versus them”, say leading real estate disruptors


The property industry is working hard to shake off perceptions about it being synonymous with white men in blue suits. Discussing the gender, ethnicity and class divides, our property podcast brings together UK chair of the Urban Land Institute Vanessa Hale, Arcadis consultant Ayrton Dhillon and Greystar director Adina David ...

Diversity Charter

  1. We will monitor diversity in our workplace and provide Property Week with data and information on company policies designed to support a more diverse workforce.
  2. We will share resources, including best-practice guides and case studies, with other signatories via Property Week’s Diversity Charter online portal.
  3. We will strive to appoint senior ‘diversity champions’ within our organisation to act as the main contact with Property Week on matters relating to the charter.
  4. We will provide mentoring to support employees’ career development, both at entry level and mid-career.
  5. We will endeavour to work with at least one state senior school in each town or city in which we operate to promote careers in the built environment to young people from diverse backgrounds.
  6. Where possible, we will offer – and advertise externally – paid internships and apprenticeships.
  7. We will use a blind recruitment process where appropriate to prevent unconscious bias in the shortlisting process.
  8. We will enforce a zero-tolerance policy on homophobia, sexism, ageism and any other form of discrimination and encourage employees to report instances of prejudice to the diversity champions.
  9. We will ensure all our buildings are fully accessible and provide appropriate equipment and support to allow employees with disabilities to play a full role in the workplace.
  10. We will make diversity a key criterion when procuring services from other companies to help ensure the example we set is followed by others.

  11. Sign up to the charter here