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Comment from editor Liz Hamson and other senior journalists at Property Week.


  • Liz Hamson

    Hammond must use Budget to help rescue retail


    Just as you thought things couldn’t get any worse in the retail sector, they do… much worse.

  • Liz Hamson

    Not so caught between a rock and a hard Brexit


    Is the industry just sensibly keeping calm and carrying on as Michel Barnier continues to lob brickbats at Theresa May’s Brexit plans – or fiddling (increasingly nervously) while Rome burns?

  • Richard Williams

    International investors still find UK industrial attractive


    At first glance, the data from Real Capital Analytics on European real estate investment looks ominous. Investment levels in the first half of 2018 were 9% down on the same period in 2017. And worryingly, the industrial and logistics sector, which had been the belle of the investment ball in ...

  • Liz Hamson

    Diversity is about more than slapping ‘fe’ on to ‘male’


    As a Cambridge graduate, I was depressed and, frankly, embarrassed at how lowly the university ranked on social diversity in The Sunday Times’ latest Good University Guide – with only Oxford scoring lower.

  • Mia Hunt 480

    The shed of the future?


    What will the shed of the future look like? Will it be partially – or even totally – underground? Will it take the form of a ‘shedscraper’ several storeys high? Or will it be long and thin, allowing landlords to slice and dice the space depending on occupier requirements?

  • Liz Hamson

    Ten years after the world turned upside down


    As with 9/11 and, if you are longer of tooth, the assassination of JFK, most of us remember where we were when Lehman Brothers collapsed. It is one of those seismic events that are branded like a hot iron into the collective psyche.

  • Mia Hunt 480

    It's not all doom and gloom for the retail and leisure sector


    Few property landlords have had as tumultuous a time in 2018 as owners of retail, food and beverage (F&B) and leisure assets.

  • Liz Hamson

    A letter to the new housing minister


    Dear Kit, thank you for joining us at the RESI Convention in Wales this week. We are delighted that you have chosen to give your first major public address to the sector as housing minister at our event.

  • Guy Montague-Jones

    BTR needs rocket fuel to make a real difference


    Data from Savills and the British Property Federation on the growth of build-to-rent (BTR) sounds impressive.

  • Guy Montague-Jones

    Why London’s becoming a no-go zone for investors


    Who said it was grim up north? Whereas last year was all about London investment as foreign investors piled into the capital to snap up trophy assets such as the Cheesegrater and the Walkie-Talkie, this year is all about regional investment.

  • Mia Hunt 480

    Ireland supplement: two decades on from Good Friday Agreement


    The Good Friday Agreement was signed two decades ago and what a 20 years it has been since. The end of ‘the Troubles’ meant Northern Ireland’s property market was suddenly open for business, prompting a flurry of deals and development.

  • Liz Hamson

    Are councils venturing too far from home?


    I will happily venture outside my comfort zone if I think I’m up to it and it’s worth it, but let’s just say there are three good reasons I will never undertake a triathlon. I have to seriously question, therefore, the wisdom of councils venturing beyond their skill sets and ...

  • Liz Hamson

    Will Ashley’s Direct approach work for House of Fraser?


    The ‘will he or won’t he?’ question had been swirling around Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley for weeks. Some thought he would splash the cash to protect his shareholding, others that he would sit on his hands and do nothing.

  • Liz Hamson

    Digital-only issue: RESI, steady, go


    Has there ever been a more exhilarating – or terrifying – time to be working in the residential sector? I can’t think of one. The sector has had to deal with challenge after challenge this year: the fourth housing minister in 12 months, the chaos caused by Brexit, the ailing ...

  • David Parsley

    Capco’s Earls Court duel becomes a matter of honour


    While neither side in the battle for Earls Court has directly accused the other of lying, they have near as damn it.