It is fair to say that it’s been a tricky few weeks for the government, the economy and the country as a whole. Yet, faced though we are by uncertainty and predictions of a recession, we must continue with our pragmatic approach as an industry.

Housebuilders, like all businesses, want consistency and clarity, but we must also remember that we are familiar with uncertainty. Covid-19 taught us this, not to mention we have always needed to constantly adapt to meet changing demands. This time is no different.

As I’m sure many others will be, our business is monitoring the markets closely and taking stock as we look ahead to the next year of planning.

Fortunately, we come into this trickier period in a position of strength, with buoyant sales and a strong pipeline. Our long-term strategy is underpinned by a core mission to provide high-quality, sustainable homes that are future-proofed against the changing world around us.

We now look to the government, and a new secretary of state, to see through the short-term chaos and to understand the issues housebuilders grapple with every day, with a clearer, more straightforward planning system, for example allowing our industry to build more homes. Perhaps we will hear positive news on that front in the slew of announcements, due from ministers between now and Christmas.

Now is the time to come together and take comfort in the fact that we are a resilient, robust sector that has ridden out many difficult periods before. I am confident we can do so again.

Andy Morris, managing director, Hayfield