The planet is heating up. July was the hottest month on record. And it’s not just the environmentalists who are concerned.

Mitchell Labiak

Spurred on by pressure from politicians and the public, logistics investors are making decisions not just based on short-term profits but on the long-term survival of planet Earth. Meanwhile, landlords are trying to both build schemes that are more sustainable and pushing for social good.

However, while the climate crisis is rightly at the forefront of many people’s minds, it isn’t the only thing shaking up the industrial market. Brexit and the rise of internet shopping have led to a sharp increase in the percentage of third-party logistics operators in the market and land constraints around London have prompted the development of some especially quirky sheds.

What all this means is that change is coming for the industrial and logistics sector and, as with the climate, these changes are more than just cyclical.

However, as Potter Group’s experience shows, now is a great time to completely reinvent your business so that you can ride the wave of change happening across the industry.

Both the sector and the planet are at a crossroads. The decisions made now will affect the way things are for years to come – for better or for worse.