AV technology is now the buzzing heart of the corporate psyche.

Clive Couldwell

Representing an industry that is vibrant, sociable and connected, AV has come a long way from being a perceived luxury to a vital technology similar to traditional IT and networking services.

With the need to learn, connect and work from home, AV technology is crucial to business continuity and for everyday life to function.

Not to over-egg the pudding, with a name – audio visual – that many may still associate with ‘old’ technology and nice-to-have functionality, over the last 10 years AV has become a strategic asset, an absolutely critical element of the business environment - as essential as electricity and proving to be the gold standard component of high-profile properties and evolving workspaces.

The AV community is providing the technical infrastructure, equipment and services to help the most fundamental structures of society continue to operate in an environment that otherwise would have come to a standstill.

Facetime/zoom call

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An essential component of any business space, AV has been transformed to become a strategic element of a modern, agile company looking to get the best out of its workspaces and make them more intelligent and flexible. It will help reshape what our working environments will look like when people venture back to public spaces.

In short, every business owner is facing a technology tsunami, which will change the way they do business and how they expect their property investments to deliver. AV has a critical role to play in any organisation attempting to get ahead through digital transformation, but there are many challenges to overcome.

We hope the conference agenda we have put together helps you address many of the challenges you face. It represents years of experience and research into many companies’ use of existing and evolving technologies, thinking about design and working practice, and brings together some of the leading practitioners in their field.

It is going to be a stimulating experience….

Clive Couldwell is group editor of AV Magazine and Electronics Weekly

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