Your piece ‘Planned RIF vehicle promises to boost property investment’ referred to my lead role campaigning for the Reserved Investor Fund (RIF) in the context of a welcomed HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs consultation on the RIF.

I urge readers to submit positive responses to the consultation, especially UK property managers confirming to the government their interest in considering the RIF. The final date for consultation responses is 9 June.

A significant gap in the UK’s fund offering will be plugged by the government proceeding with the RIF legislation. Hopefully, the RIF will be a conduit to attract capital and help stimulate growth in the UK economy: creating jobs and opportunities, levelling up the nation – for example via affordable housing and town centre regeneration projects – and accelerating our nation’s infrastructure and green industrial revolutions.

A spectrum of managers, from small and medium-sized firms to larger businesses, will be able to take advantage of the RIF as will, importantly, their investors – from the next tax year (April 2024).

Melville Rodrigues, head of advisory – real assets, Apex Group