Much has been written about the so-called ‘Great Resignation’, the pandemic-driven phenomenon that has seen employees leave or change jobs in their droves.

Clare Flitton

Clare Flitton

A contributing factor for many is the prioritisation of careers that better align with personal values and beliefs. So, what can employers do to better instil their purpose and values?

Getting this right is a huge responsibility for employers in this hybrid working era. But landlords can and should play an active role in helping customers create great experiences that underpin their purpose, values and culture.

At Landsec, our purpose focuses on creating sustainable spaces, connecting communities and realising potential. This is our ‘North Star’ and guides the decisions that we make. Being a purpose-led business comes with responsibilities and expectations but also has the benefit of being able to attract the right talent, among other things. This has to be deeply embedded in the business, not simply a slogan on its website. And that is where employee experience comes in.

Landlords share responsibility for employee experience with our customers, and the range of spaces we offer can help businesses live and breathe their values.

For example, at Bankside‘s The Forge we’re creating the UK’s first commercial net zero carbon scheme – a unique opportunity for a business repositioning to be more purpose driven. And at Lucent W1, our office and retail development behind Piccadilly Lights, we are creating an oasis of calm and biophilia, enabling our customers to bring to life their commitments to staff mental health and wellbeing.

The Forge Hero CGI

The Forge

But employee experience doesn’t start and end with the space; it is built out of what happens there. Diverse and vibrant experiences in the space and locale can help businesses give back to their staff, and showcase their commitment to culture and employee wellbeing.

To help enable great experiences at work, we recently launched Landsec Experience: a range of activities to enhance people’s experience of work by bringing them together to share new experiences. Over the summer, staff at our Victoria offices enjoyed outdoor Wimbledon screenings, music sessions and fitness classes.

Next month, we will welcome back even more office workers to London with brand partnership-led events across Victoria. These aren’t just employee benefits but ones that help cities to be thriving hubs, filled with ideas, energy and joy.

Offices are a place to create, connect and collaborate and should leave workers feeling invigorated, recharged and inspired, especially after the past 18 months. The 2021 workplace needs to reinforce company culture and help people build connections.

To make hybrid working the success we know it can be, businesses and landlords should work together to place employee experience at the heart of their office strategy, giving it just as much consideration as they have fixtures and fittings. Through collaboration, perhaps we can turn the Great Resignation into the Employee Experience Revolution.

Clare Flitton is head of customer propositions and innovation at Landsec