I was surprised to see in Samantha Partington’s report that understanding of shared ownership is worse than previously thought as there is clear evidence that investment in shared-ownership schemes is the next big thing.

Kush Rawal commercial director at Thames Valley Housing

The shared ownership model merges renting and buying. The recent activity surrounding Shared Ownership Week (21-27 September) put a spotlight on the scheme at a time when it could not be more relevant for struggling homebuyers.

The scheme is delivering affordability and aspiration in equal measure and demand for it is growing, in part thanks to the government’s continued support coupled with the unrelenting commitment of the housing association sector to make shared-ownership homes available.

In recent months, we have also seen a barrage of new consumer mortgage lenders entering the market or widening their product offers. This indicates the strength of the current market for the product and its long-term potential - although the sector needs to increase the supply of these homes.

Queens House scheme, Twickenham

TVH’s Queens House scheme in Twickenham with 29 shared ownership units

The principle of shared ownership and the largely not-for-profit nature of those delivering these homes tick boxes for those wanting to invest in property with a clear ethical foundation.

Overall, over the past 30 years, shared ownership has shown itself to be a sustainable and ethical product as well as one that delivers good commercial returns.

Kush Rawal, commercial director, Thames Valley Housing