Katharine Fenn

  • Plan for the future: the registry's tough stance has caused problems for tenants

    The best-laid plans

    14 January 2005

    The Land Registry is refusing to register leases where it feels the plans don’t measure up.

  • Shared ownership: common parts, such as stairs and fire escapes, will be owned by the commonhold community association

    Common sense

    27 August 2004

    When the new commonhold tenure becomes available next month, property owners may find they have less in common with their neighbours than they thought.

  • Professional

    The price of equality

    11 July 2003

    The Disability Discrimination Act is to force landlords and tenants to ensure premises are accessible to all. Now comes the problem of who will pay

  • Professional

    Science friction

    27 September 2002

    The Land Registry has given notice that the e-revolution is about to reach conveyancing. We outlines what dealmakers need to know

  • Professional

    Apologies for any e-conveyance

    1 June 2001

    New government proposals are paving the way towards an electronic age, and the property industry is lining up for the dawn of electronic conveyancing