Keith Breslauer

Keith Breslauer

Keith Breslauer is managing director of Patron Capital



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    Patron Capital’s Keith Breslauer on why bigger is not always better for funds


    Headlines often sway towards hyperbole and the stories that get attention are the ones that speak of record highs or lows.

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    The year ahead: we can’t hide away


    The last three years have been unusual to say the least. We entered and re-entered national lockdowns, had three prime ministers without a single general election, witnessed Russia wage war on Ukraine and saw inflation hit a 40-year high as words like ‘permacrisis’ entered the everyday vernacular.

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    Values can only be measured with movement in real rates


    It wasn’t long ago that there was just one broadly consistent and, hopefully, true version of the news. Whether received via newspaper, radio, television or the internet in its infancy, we consumed roughly the same news stories as our neighbours, friends and colleagues.

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    Riding out the short-term shocks


    Some readers will recall the famous opening of children’s TV programme Stingray: “Anything can happen in the next half hour!” As a stream of headlines takes you between the Ukraine conflict, the UK cost-of-living crisis and inflation, the lockdown in China and UK government in-fighting, Stingray’s catchphrase feels like a ...

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    Cutting through the rates noise


    We are in an increasingly polarised society.

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    ESG needs to have a solid impact


    ESG has been growing in importance for some time, but its rise to the top of the agenda in the past six months has been meteoric. From protesters on the M25 and pledges at COP26, to KeepCups and sustainable cleaning products – our shared responsibility is in every conversation, shopping ...

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    Confidence must be tempered


    We all know that confidence is a key component of life – how many crucial junctions have we all passed through where the decision to leap, or err on the side of caution, has led us to the exact life we are each living now?

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    Experiences are the linchpin of a meaningful education


    Like many people over the past year, I have become familiar with the arrival of an email that brings the news that an event has either been postponed or cancelled in its entirety, sometimes for the second year in a row.

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    There’s more to success than just productivity


    While much has changed in the nearly 12 months since the start of lockdown, one thing remains the same: my unwavering belief in the role of the office in producing exceptional work.

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    Vaccines are no instant solution


    At the time of writing, the headlines were awash with announcements about promising vaccine trials – some claiming to be 95% successful – which have caused a spike in both the FTSE 100 and national optimism.

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    Investment can be force for good


    September always brings a sense of going back to work and starting a new year with the lessons of the old.

  • Predictions - what happens next

    What happens next? Keith Breslauer’s reforecast for 2020 and beyond


    In the second in our three-part series, figures from the residential and property finance sectors share their outlooks for a post-lockdown world.

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    Facing up to the post-Covid challenge


    At the start of the year, I shared my thoughts in this magazine about what lay ahead for property. I felt excited by what a new majority government meant for investor confidence. The industry, it seemed, was starting the new decade with renewed vigour.

  • Impact investing

    Impact investing: let’s get to work


    It is safe to say that social impact was not a priority for the financial industry when I established Patron Capital with my partners 20 years ago.

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    No need to turn back on Europe


    Amid all the political wrangling over Brexit in the last few months, you might have missed a report from the European Systemic Risk Board, Europe’s economic watchdog, that commercial and residential property across Europe has been overvalued.

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    Learn from personal challenges


    It is the third anniversary of Britain’s referendum on its membership of the EU and yet we are no closer to knowing what Brexit really means

  • Keith Breslauer

    2019 forecast: Keith Breslauer (Patron Capital)


    European growth will slow from its current recovery pace.

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    A downturn may be coming but we're not at code red yet


    The recent 10-year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse prompted a range of reflective articles – including in this publication – looking at this event’s significance as one of the first major manifestations of the global financial crisis and the start of a particularly testing time of instability.

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    Expect more minority stakes to trade in coming months


    Mergers and acquisitions among investment managers last year were at their highest level since the aftermath of the financial crisis.

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    Can Europe stay competitive in face of Trump’s taxes?


    Investing across western Europe has never been easy. With a broad range of individual yet interlinked countries, all with their own market dynamics and political situations, getting a firm understanding of investment prospects can be hard work.

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