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  • Green office

    From the ESL to ESG


    What a week. First, former US cop Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd, prompting an outpouring of relief over the verdict. Then, we had the outrageous, but happily short-lived, proposals for a football European Super League (ESL), spearheaded by the so-called ‘big six’ UK football ...

  • Jess Carnaby Street

    Retail must reinvent itself


    After three months imprisoned within the same four walls, people in England were finally (partially) let loose from lockdown this week. 

  • Pay gap

    Bubbly, bubbles and pay gaps


    Plenty of people will be raising a glass of bubbly on Monday as we reach the first significant milestone on the roadmap out of lockdown. Some, however, will have bubbles of a different sort on their minds.

  • Radiant sunshine

    Waking up to a brave new world


    After so many blue Mondays, how nice was it to wake up to Happy Monday on 29 March? It was the perfect spring day to emerge blinking from our WFH bunkers and resume interaction with the outside world – and what a brave new world it is.

  • Empty Carnaby St

    Out of the retail ashes


    We will soon find out what the new normal looks like for retail when non-essential retail – or what’s left of it – reopens on 12 April.

  • Emma Shone index2

    Spring is in the air


    Spring is with us, and bringing with it a renewed sense of optimism across the real estate sectors. 

  • Building site closed Covid

    Things are finally looking up


    The industry may not quite be full of the joys of spring yet, but it appears finally to have left the winter of discontent behind it.

  • Guide to finance

    Guide to finance: sector report March 2021


    The past year has shone a bright light on the world of real estate finance.

  • RICS flags

    RICS CEO defends his stance


    It’s the explosive interview everyone has been waiting for. No, not THAT one (all I’ll say about the Harry and Meghan interview is that as a mixed-race woman, I think it’s critically important to address race and mental health issues.)

  • Rishi Sunak masked

    The ultimate fudge it Budget


    It was the best of Budgets, it was the worst of Budgets – the best in terms of the eye-watering £65bn rescue package, and the worst as that said package represents a drop in the ocean of what is required to kickstart the economy.

  • West End Covid

    Roadmaps and brickbats


    As roadmaps go, Boris Johnson’s “cautious” plan to ease England out of lockdown is not exactly the easiest to navigate – and there seems to be at least one major road missing.

  • Climate apocalypse city

    Do or die time for climate


    I thought there was only supposed to be one Blue Monday a year. The 15th of February certainly gave the third Monday in January a run for its money.

  • Industrial and Logistics

    Is the future for industrial and logistics still bright?


    Last year was a record-breaker for the sector as the combination of a global pandemic and looming Brexit sent take-up through the roof. 

  • Empty high street_credit_shutterstock_zjtmath_1734215396

    Reset or RIP for retail?


    Everyone (including me) keeps talking about long, dark tunnels, but I am starting to think we’re actually stuck in a very deep hole – one that it may prove impossible for some parts of the market to dig themselves out of.

  • Croydon town hall

    A taxing issue for councils


    The pandemic has focused minds on a raft of ethical questions: how landlords treat their tenants ; what more the industry can do to rise to the climate crisis challenge ( launching green bonds, for example, as Atrium European Real Estate has ); and how RICS could better have handled ...

  • Debenhams Southsea shut

    Boohoo for Debenhams


    If this lockdown ever ends and we are allowed to go shopping again for fun, non-essential things (remember those?), I’m seriously starting to wonder if there will be any shops left on the high street to shop in. The signs are not good.

  • RICS HQ London

    RICS must face the music


    The genie is out of the bottle. The cat is out of the bag. Pandora’s box is open. RICS can no longer avoid its day of reckoning. 

  • RICS flags

    A right ruckus at RICS


    Oh dear. It is never a good idea to keep sweeping stuff under the carpet when everyone suspects – or knows – there is a problem. 

  • What comes after pandemic shutterstock_1755144350 AndrilKoval

    Long night’s journey into day


    New Year. New lockdown. Fanf***ingtastic.

  • Light at end of tunnel

    Thank f*** it’s nearly over


    There can’t be anyone who won’t be happy to see the back of 2020.