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  • Property needs fresh ideas to meet new industry demands

  • Gauging the implications of AR

  • Gear Change eyed for city cycling

  • Can TVG registration criminalise a landowner’s pre-existing activities?

  • Scenario-testing tech at the fore

  • Do buildings under 18m in height require remedial actions to EWSs?

Five minutes with...

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Anna Clare Harper, chief executive of SPI Capital

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Sara Bailey, head of real estate & incoming senior partner at Trowers & Hamlins

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Sarah Smith, planning partner at Rapleys

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Luke Smith, managing director of Avory Smith Group

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Rajesh Gupta, chief financial officer at OakNorth

  • Q&A: Five minutes with Chloe Benson, senior associate at Goodman Derrick

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