People features & campaigns

Property Week looks deeper at people issues in property with our diversity campaign and our annual PW Power 100

Big interviews

John Arenas

Interview with Serendipity founder John Arenas


US firm Serendipity Labs launched a joint venture with Newable last month ahead of its UK debut. Founder John Arenas outlines his gameplan to Emanuele Midolo

Sir Stuart Lipton

Interview with Sir Stuart Lipton: ‘Social is my driving factor’


As 22 Bishopsgate nears completion, Sir Stuart Lipton tells Adam Branson how the landmark scheme reflects his broader vision of development as a force for social good.

Ali Abbas

Interview with Art-Invest Real Estate’s Ali Abbas


Art-Invest entered the UK market at a time of Brexit-related political chaos. Emanuele Midolo asks managing partner Ali Abbas why – and what’s next.

Nigel Robin

Interview with Urban & Civic’s Nigel Hugill and Robin Butler


To mark Urban & Civic’s 10th anniversary, Nigel Hugill and Robin Butler show Liz Hamson around their crowning glories in Alconbury and Rugby

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