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Property Week profiles: Taliance

In the first of our Property Week profile videos, Taliance’s Bob Marsh and Grosvenor’s Lucy Puddle discuss how IT solutions can help to enhance property investment

Interview with Bob Marsh, managing director, Taliance and Lucy Puddle, project business lead, Grosvenor

BM: Ever-increasing investor demands and new industry-focused regulations are forcing fund managers to reassess their business processes and adopt cutting edge IT solutions.

By anticipating change and adopting new processes for greater efficiency and reliability, firms such as Grosvenor are at the forefront of this revolution.

Taliance is committed to developing solutions for decision making that constantly evolve to meet the needs of this business community.

How does Taliance help the decision-making process?

All our systems can be connected to existing data sources and technology platforms to provide business-critical information in real time and enhance your technology purchases.

Taliance offers innovative products and vision: with FinAsset, we bring in a new era of asset management focused on creating value; with Global Fund we provide a unique fund-modelling solution; and with MyReport, complex and detailed reporting is made easy.

Why is Grosvenor investing in IT systems?

LP: Our IT systems were in need of updating, so last year we overhauled our property and management finance systems.

We wanted to improve insight across the business. Since then, we’ve embarked on a project with Taliance to embed systematic tools to understand our planning assumptions and maximise the value from our assets. Historically all our budgeting and forecasting has been done offline on Excel spreadsheets.

We are committed to making processes more robust, to maximise efficiencies and to minimise risk.

This will enable us to have greater control over our assets and drive value across the business. Our only solution was to embed a new forecasting and asset management tool.

Why did you choose Taliance’s solutions?

We had never used anything like FinAsset or Global Fund before. Taliance offers us an approach that is new, flexible and intuitive.

Budgeting and forecasting will become more accurate, more transparent, and more reliable and our asset managers will become more accountable.

This helps us to gain greater control over our assets, and more detail over our options for future strategy. Global Fund and FinAsset ultimately help us make the best decisions quicker.

What has working with Taliance been like?

Taliance provide a team of experts who know their product well and work effectively together.

They have demonstrated a huge commitment to our project and we successfully met our internal deadline on time.

I feel comfortable and confident in their ability and very much look forward to meeting the remaining deadlines working with them.

What is Taliance’s position in the market?

BM: Taliance is an established international player with a fast-growing presence across Europe and North America.

What plans does Taliance have for the future?

We want to grow with and for our clients and extend what we do to every continent. We are creating a global solution.

What does Taliance predict for IT trends?

The need to rapidly identify the right approach to individual investments, and improve the ability to forecast will become business critical.

In addition, the requirements to successfully manage risk and performance and predict the consequences of decisions made today will come under ever-increasing scrutiny tomorrow.

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