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Women in Property - the panel: Emma Cariaga, John Forrester, Jackie Newstead and Liz Hamson

What can be done to ensure women are better represented in panel debates?

By Jo Williams

A couple of years ago, Women in Property made a decision: we would not support industry events unless there was reasonable gender balance among the list of speakers.


How property owners can join the flexible offices gold rush

By Will Kinnear

Landlords don’t have to launch their own operations to gain exposure to the flexible workplace sector

Construction tech

2019: the pipeline to a modern construction industry

By Jon Olson-Welsh and Peter Parten

At the end of last year, the government set out plans for investment of £600bn in infrastructure over the next 10 years, which will be spread across multiple sectors, including transport, energy, utilities and social infrastructure.


Broadband trends for 2019

By Jeremy Chelot

In 2019 the role of digital connectivity and the rollout of digital infrastructure will remain high on the agenda, both for the government and as a result, the UK’s property sector.

Business Rates

Five things to look out for with business rates in 2019

By John Webber

2018 was certainly a tumultuous year as far as business rates was concerned with the impact of the 2017 revaluation hitting home.

Corporation Tax

Tax and Brexit concerns create uncertainty heading into 2019

By Stacy Eden

When considering the past year, ‘uncertainty’ has certainly been the watchword for those operating in the property and construction industry.


Broadband providers need to work with landlords on full-fibre rollout

By Jeremy Chelot

It is no secret that the UK’s internet capabilities have a lot of catching up to do. Indeed, the stalled rollout of full-fibre is a growing national problem that must be tackled swiftly, especially as the UK still lags behind other countries. So it is encouraging that the government has ...

Green environmental sustainability

Is the property industry getting serious about tackling climate change?


Property professionals gathered to discuss how the sector can become more sustainable.


Ninjas show companies don't need an office to thrive


Mitchell Labiak talks to a digital marketing agency that operates completely by remote working

House in field

Gove’s green push might be the start of something big

By Dean Clifford (Great Marlborough Estates)

This week sees world leaders, civil society and the finest climate scientists descend on Katowice, the coal capital of Poland, for COP24, the United Nation’s climate conference.

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