Christmas is a time to give thanks. After a year like no other, it is important that businesses recognise the effort and commitment shown by their staff in difficult circumstances. 

Charlotte Crawley

Charlotte Crawley

Covid-19 restrictions should not stop us finding meaningful ways to show appreciation. The health and economic challenges of 2020 will have affected everyone differently and employers should take time to understand individuals’ needs this Christmas.

Some of your team will want to take a break from 2020, and that means finding ways to bring people together safely for a dose of festive fun. By now, we are all well-adapted to connecting with colleagues digitally, so why not organise a virtual awards presentation or cocktail-making class?

Others may prefer not to take part as a group or might have family commitments, but businesses can ensure they feel involved, too. Teams could raise a toast from wherever they are – a cuppa or a tipple, it does not matter. At the very minimum, engage on an individual basis to check in and give thanks.

Christmas party

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After a hard year, employees need to know that businesses really care. Being empathetic and providing the right support throughout the remainder of 2020 will demonstrate that. Managers should try to understand if anyone in their team is facing difficult circumstances this Christmas and consider ways the business could provide a little help inside or outside work. Where you can, offer support for former colleagues who may have been made redundant due to the pandemic.

Knowing that their employer is compassionate is vital to building morale and goodwill among staff – and that extends to community efforts, too. As well as giving thanks to our hardworking team at Navana, we will be continuing our support of youth charity LEAP, which helps to change young people’s lives for the better. Its values align with our own desire to address the important social issues affecting local communities.

The effects of Covid-19 provide the opportunity to focus on what is important this year, and that means showing appreciation of others.

Charlotte Crawley is culture and experience director at Navana Property Group