When it comes to designing workspaces, one size cannot fit all.

Linda Morey-Burrows

Linda Morey-Burrows

Post Covid, offices will more than ever be seen as a centre for collaboration and socialising, where colleagues will come together for the human connection that we have all been missing while working from home.

Design must reflect this new social expectation of work by creating spaces with knowledge sharing, creative stimulation and wellbeing in mind. This approach is something we have been delivering for clients for three decades, creating bespoke environments for a number of the UK’s biggest property investors – from Lazari and British Land to AshbyCapital, Helical and Castleforge Partners.

To create a successful headquarters, it is imperative that designers research how people interact with the space to understand what they truly need. This research-led approach is key to creating spaces that are not just beautifully considered, but functional for all.

Getting under the skin of our clients through surveys, focus groups, real-life observations and detailed interviews has been at the centre of our long-standing relationships with property investors, who are now commissioning us to design their own headquarters.

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While each industry has unique expectations for workplaces, due to the events of the last year we are seeing some elements of the workplace become more prominent. This includes access to outdoor and green spaces, biophilia and a concerted drive towards personal choice, flexibility and inspirational environment, which are also elements that give increased adaptability and longevity.

An organisation’s headquarters should embody the culture and spirit of the company and brand both for the present and future. Crucially for employers, design-led offices are more likely to retain talent.

Whether it is a university-style library, returning new-parent facilities, a rooftop allotment or a yoga garden, property investors understand that wellbeing and work are more intrinsically linked than ever before.

Linda Morey-Burrows is founder and principal director of MoreySmith