The pandemic has changed the way we work. For those of us who cannot home-work, being in our normal environment is anything but normal.

Antony Davies

Antony Davies

Enhanced cleaning is in place and we are meeting people on Zoom, some of whom are sat on the other side of the office. But this is really important; safety in the workplace is absolutely paramount, and in trying conditions, our employers have worked hard to make it safe for all of us and our families.

Some employers are using technology to make the workplace as safe as it can possibly be. Working alongside some major

FM organisations, Totalmobile has built a smart-locker solution that really enhances an employer’s ability to maintain social distance between its workforce and deliveries into the workspace.

Moreover, considering the increase in deliveries throughout the pandemic, this has become a powerful way of ensuring deliveries are completed successfully and in a contactless manner.

Smart locker

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Mitie’s Pinpoint system integrates with smart lockers, which allows users to log both business and personal items for collection when they are ready. It provides reassurance that the items are kept safe at all times and collection can be made at the employees’ convenience.

The built-in workflow enables the client to log an item on the system, an API is called to the locker for availability and a locker is then allocated. The API calls back and reserves a locker; by entering the assigned pin, the locker is opened to leave items. A message immediately goes to the client to inform them their parcel is ready to collect.

The project was largely delivered remotely due to the current pandemic. Nevertheless, the launch of the new feature has proved to be a success. The client understood how the system operated and staff using the solution have found it a seamless process and have been very receptive towards it.

After the pandemic, the business benefits will stack up, too. Managing staff and allowing them to collect their deliveries on demand is yet another positive outcome that technology brings to the sector.

Antony Davies is regional sales manager, facilities management, at Totalmobile