As workers everywhere adapt to new working patterns, some forward-thinking businesses are flexing their premises to generate important additional income from the newly remote workforce.

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The pandemic has pressed fast-forward on what is being dubbed the ‘work-from-anywhere’ phenomenon. Businesses that previously had no relation to the world of work are recognising that how we work has changed for good, and that their business model can adapt accordingly. Retail outlets, shopping malls, hotels, service stations, golf clubs, leisure centres – if people spend time in an environment, why can’t they work there too?

This is not a case of shoe-horning a few seats and tables into a draughty corner and hoping individuals take notice. Businesses looking seriously at this work-from-anywhere model want to get it right. And they’re finding that getting it right can be quick, simple and inexpensive.

Working remotely in coffee shop

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The key ingredients can be as easy as excellent coffee, reliable high-speed wifi and a working space that is mindful and conducive to productivity. This doesn’t mean ripping out fittings and building from scratch. Ready-made work pods exist – seating spaces that are acoustically designed to dampen sound and deliver comfort and privacy without isolating users. The addition of such pods can immediately redefine a space and transform the way a customer interacts with a business.

The way we work is changing for good. Many firms have announced they will permanently offer remote working as an option; this will not reverse once the pandemic is over. For customer-facing businesses – many of whom will have taken a financial hit during this testing year – the opportunity to add new revenue streams is very attractive.

Customers will quickly see through token efforts – if businesses want to embrace the work-from-anywhere model, they must create an environment that succeeds in promoting mindful productivity. The demand is there. So are the solutions. Flexing your service offering has never been easier – or more important.

David O’Coimin is the founder of Nook