International property consultant LH1 Global has signed up to the diversity pledge forming part of Property Week’s Inspiring Diversity in Property Campaign, joining previous signatories Watts and Ademchic.

Rayna Hunter, chief executive, LH1 Global

Rayna Hunter, chief executive, LH1 Global

Rayna Hunter, chief executive and head of global sales, said: ”LH1 Global cherishes and recognises diversity, as it is an international and outward-looking company. Not only do we celebrate and promote diversity in the workplace, but throughout our day-to day lives.

”I have led LH1 Global to be a fully inclusive working environment. We attract a diverse pool of investors from all over the world and gain traction from an array of different cultures, with a proven global reach to more than 50 countries worldwide.

“We provide the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to buy into our developments to sustain their security long into the future.

”In life, at some stage, we have all been guilty of judging a book by its cover. I strive to ensure my team and I always stop, reflect, and re-evaluate before making a judgement on someone else.”

She added: ”Getting to know someone and allowing them to prove themselves, no matter their background, gender, sexual orientation, or race, is of paramount importance to me and gives everyone the opportunity to appreciate diversity in everyday life. 

”I am delighted to have signed The Diversity Pledge on behalf of LH1 Global and look forward to putting our fresh ideas into force.” 

Companies signing the pledge commit to establishing a continuous improvement plan with measurable objectives and clearly defined outcomes.

For some, this plan will involve only small changes; for others, improvement may be a long-term business transformation project. The panel below outlines the steps companies that sign the pledge agree to take.

1/ Attract, develop, and promote a more diverse workforce

Promoting equality, making unconscious bias training mandatory for those involved in recruitment, making sure language in recruitment and job descriptions does not exclude anyone.

Devising and implementing development programmes for protected characteristics that support meaningful career progression.

2/ Take steps to close pay gaps

Offering flexible and remote working as standard and considering job shares; using market salary and internal pay data, rather than asking candidates what they currently earn; ensuring interviewers are diverse; publishing wage ranges; looking for discrepancies between pay rates and ensuring high achieving individuals are recognised equitably in succession planning.

3/ Champion and recognise the achievements of employees across all of the protected workplace characteristics

Actively promoting workforce diversity; including positive diverse role models in marketing, advertising and PR campaigns; ensuring outreach programmes with schools and colleges target a more diverse population.

4/ Foster a culture of diversity and inclusiveness

Creating programmes and policies that promote equality; working towards more balanced representation at management and board level; ensuring there are appropriate facilities; adopting a zero-tolerance approach to negative and demeaning behaviours, or to ’banter’ that undermines, belittles and excludes anyone; encouraging reporting processes.

5/ To set annual EDI objectives and transparently publish progress

Communicating EDI goals with employees and partners; gathering data to measure progress; sharing key metrics with employees and partners, highlighting both progress and setbacks; making diversity a core value.

Download the pledge here, then email the signed version to to confirm your commitment and feature in our social media campaig or take a personal pledge to make a change here.

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