Louise Moore, Lovell White Durrant

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    Individual rights to silence

    12 November 1999

    Environment In England, a defendant in a criminal case cannot refuse to give potentially self-incriminating evidence in the same way that Americans can by 'taking the fifth'. This report examines the conflict between environmental legislation and the rights of the individual

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    Holding the contaminated can

    24 September 1999

    Trustees and contaminated land Under provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, determining who is responsible for contaminated land means that trustees with contaminated land that has been left to them must err on the side of caution if they wish to sell

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    The high cost of tainted advice

    9 July 1999

    Environment Negligent environmental advice can result in significant damages awards. The following case illustrates the legal consequences of careless risk assessment and the importance of clarity

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    Europe jumps on the green bandwagon

    26 March 1999

    Environmental liability The European Union White Paper will consider where the liability for environmental damage lies by adopting the 'polluter pays' principle The new regime will only address future pollution, leaving member states to deal with historic contamination

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    When reclamation leads to exemption

    12 March 1999

    The Taylor Woodrow case has clarified the thorny issue of landfill tax exemption for certain reclamation projects