Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson is president of Revo


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    It will be a year of fight not flight


    When I was asked to join Revo’s board more than two years ago, no one could have predicted the year we have just had. And as we start this year and I step up to be president, no one believes 2019 will be any better.

  • Mark Robinson

    2019 forecast: Mark Robinson (Revo)


    ”The retail occupational market will be tough, but we will start to get a feel for where true value lies and make plans accordingly”

  • Mark Robinson, Ellandi

    Fear is secondary retail’s worst enemy

    08 November 2013

    At the extreme ends of any market cycle, sentiment is often driven more by fear or greed than by cool-headed analysis.

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    The War on Prop(erty) Trading


    We live in strange days.The most left wing American president in my lifetime lurches so for to the left that he declares open warfare on the banks; the reaction from our labour government is appeasement, George Osborne agrees to join in the crusade unconditionally.You would have thought that British politicians ...

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    If the Tories don't get in I'm leaving the country


    Anyone who has read the Ellandi blog will know that I am pretty left of centre for a property chap, heck I'll even admit to the fact that I was actually a card carrying member of the Labour Party until well into my 30's.Which is why I really must explain ...

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    The Problem With PE


    For most of my adult life any mention of PE brought back the horrors of Physical Education classes of my youth, in particular a lesson in 1977 after my mother had packed me off to primary school without my kit. Having to do a class of musical movement in ...

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    Listen Very Carefully - Rising house prices is not a good thing


    At the danger of being stoned to death the next time I go into a bar in Mayfair, or getting banned from even more dinner parties in South West London, can I state a few facts, as I see them:A housing market that rises much in excess of average earnings ...