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PRS must learn Covid lessons

By Jeremy Heath-Smith

In six short months, Covid-19 has changed the world. People’s priorities have shifted and their attitudes have changed. As we emerge from lockdown, it is important for our industry to analyse what we’ve learned from the past six months so we’re prepared for what is to come.

Yardi digital BTR panel

Yardi digital think tank: adapting BTR to a post-Covid-19 world


Yardi and Property Week recently invited experts from across the build-to-rent sector to take part in a digital debate on the key issues facing the market in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The consensus was that despite the challenges posed by the outbreak, there is also an opportunity for ...

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The demand for agile living is set to grow

By Michael Howard

Editor: As the nation continues to live under lockdown and many of us get used to working from home, residents of apartments with poor facilities are finding out the hard way how vital it is to live in a property where you can work, live and play.


Fundamentals of PRS remain strong

By Elisabeth Kohlbach

Editor: The recent roundtable discussion on the future of the residential property sector was all the timelier given the economic impact of Covid-19 and the increasing uncertainty now faced by a market only recently buoyed by the election and greater clarity around Brexit.

Rent signs

BTL cannot compete with BTR


Buy-to-let used to be all the rage. Developers keen to score some early runs packaged up enough ‘off-plan sales’ to make a Far East sales trip worth the air tickets and liver damage.


BTR tops alternative investments

By Hayley Scott

The end of Help to Buy is fast approaching. It feels symbolic, reflecting the UK population’s shifting attitudes away from an occupier-owner model to that of private renter. From 18-year-olds heading to university through to retirees looking to downsize, the UK residential landscape is undergoing seismic change.

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