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Sadiq Khan

Could rent controls boost BTR?

By Alastair Stewart

London mayor Sadiq Khan put the cat among the pigeons last week when he called on ministers to allow him to impose rent caps in the capital. He stands little chance, but would it be a bad thing?

Sadiq Khan

Doing nothing about London rental is not an option

By Brian Dowling

Editor: The mayor of London’s proposal for residential rent control and tenancy reform is proving controversial, but when so many Londoners are having to rent indefinitely, and 68% of them apparently agree with rent control, it would be more controversial to do nothing about the London rental market (‘Khan says ...

Howard Crocker

A Kooky approach: interview with Howard Crocker


Delph Property Group managing director Howard Crocker tells Emanuele Midolo about the company’s new PRS brand, Kooky


Cautious welcome for the government's rental plans

By Helen Gordon

The UK desperately needs two things: more homes and a better rental sector. The government’s proposal to abolish section 21 could support this, but only if the court process is strengthened and expedited.

London houses

Death of cul-de-sac exaggerated


Typical blooming architect! Fellow PW columnist Jo Cowen recently heralded the “death of the cul-de-sac” in a tirade against housebuilders. Well I live in one and I reckon society would benefit from more culs-de-sac and less architectural hauteur.

Modern flats

Housing broken but not unfixable

By Bill Hughes

Despite Brexit stealing the limelight, housing remains a top government priority. In fact, there is rare cross-Whitehall agreement that the UK’s housing market is broken and innovation is urgently needed in the supply chain.

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