It’s the ultimate boy’s toy (or girl’s for that matter). If you’ve had no luck booking a table at your local pub beer garden, why not just buy a brewery?

Burtonwood Brewery

That’s what you could wet your beak with courtesy of Colliers, which is currently marketing Burtonwood Brewery, in Warrington, as a going concern. The brewery, which is more than 150 years old, has five brewing lines and occupies a 9.64-acre site.

“Establishing a brewery site is often a long and costly process of gaining planning permission, undertaking building or conversion works and purchasing of specialist equipment,” says Peter Vass, associate director at Colliers.

“The Burtonwood Brewery is an ideal site as everything is already up and running, meaning that new tenants can quickly move in, escalate their production and get out to market in the North and North West at a minimum expense.”

With all the money people have saved during lockdown on drinking in pubs and bars, the brewery presents a mouth-watering opportunity for budding ‘brewtrepeneurs’ – and anyone keen to avoid another long dry spell at all costs.