When Jacu Restaurant & Bar opens its first UK site this week, its baristas will serve not just any old brew but a carefully curated blend… of bird poo.

Jacu poo pic

Yup, the premium brew served at 75 Page Street, Westminster, is made from beans that are picked from the droppings of rare South American bird the Jacu. The resulting beverage not only has a truly unique taste, it also boasts a unique price tag.

One cup of coffee from Jacu will set customers back £30, making it what is believed to be Britain’s most expensive cup of coffee.

German leisure experts Arif and Diana Graca, who came up with the concept, are eyeing further sites and aim to launch five more restaurants this year.

And if poo-laced coffee is your thing, then you can even brew some at home. The beans are on sale for a mere £1,400 per kilo. Eye will probably give it a miss, though – we already pay an extortionate amount for shit coffee as it is.