Friday 22 January 11am: first Team P Zoom of the year! 

Agent P

Instructions from above to probe opinions on RICS. Who knows why? “I dunno,” says Young Thruster, who just failed his APC due to lack of competence. “Exams are full of theoretical rubbish you don’t need to know.” Posh Girl (MRICS) bridles. “We are professional property people, not ruddy high street estate agents! Wheat from chaff!” she splutters.

Charlie Boy (FRICS) laughs and says: “Makes me look like I know what I’m talking about!” Sporty Girl (AssocRICS) scowls at his entitled male attitude. “At least I know we women members worked hard to get the letters!” Geek Boy asks what RICS is. I ignore him. (Me? A full-blown member).

“Wait,” says Posh Boy, “wasn’t there something in the papers?” I have a quick google. Just a lot of disaffected grumbling about the management. Who cares? But that explains Upstairs’ interest, who hinted they were thinking of not paying our membership fees. A lot of gesticulation and shouting comes from the screens when I mention this.

I report back Upstairs: “We need the letters after our name to signal our professional status and distinguish us from the common herd.” Wheat from chaff, as Posh Girl said. I don’t say we might even pay our own fees, if pushed.