Working from home for months on end has presented many challenges. But even for those heading back into their offices, the struggles are far from over.

Tesco packaged sandwiches

Source: Shutterstock/Serge Cornu

A leading City of London agent shared his harrowing tale of post-lockdown office life exclusively with Property Eye.

For those easily shocked, look away now.

The agent found himself facing a terrible dilemma one lunchtime. “None of the nice food places are open in the City yet, so I had no choice but to go and get… a sandwich.”

Not only did the poor chap have to resort to getting a humble sarnie, he had to brave the local Tesco Express on Cheapside.

Had anyone spotted him? Would he ever be able to show his face in that part of town again? But worse was to come. His efforts were for nought.The store had been cleared out of sandwiches, so he had to leave empty-handed.

“It was a tough day,” the agent recalled bitterly. “I’ll never say I’m bored of The Ned again.”