WeWork is calling time on one of its most well-publicised perks – free, unlimited beer.

Craft Beers

Source: Shutterstock/ Master1305

In a trial in New York, the co-working giant is introducing key cards that will limit individual consumption to four glasses of beer a day. Beer and wine taps will also be locked in the morning and after 8pm.

WeWork resorted to some particularly cringeworthy corporate jargon in an effort to put a positive spin on the change of policy.

“As we continue to scale, WeWork is piloting an innovative, software-driven mechanism to help manage the provision of alcohol in our space,” it said in a statement. “In addition to the supervision provided by our community management team, mechanised tap controls will enhance this amenity we provide to our members.”

The watering down of the free beer policy comes shortly after the company told its 6,000-strong global workforce that they can no longer claim expenses for any red meat, poultry or pork items.

WeWork is clearly on a health drive. The question now is: will the company still look so attractive to WeWorkers once the beer goggles have come off?