Britain and France have had a love/hate relationship stretching back hundreds of years – we love to hate them and vice-versa.

However, those cheeky ‘frogs’ upped the ante with a Brexit press briefing at Mipim UK.

The briefing was held to promote Paris’s La Défense business district to UK occupiers that might be tempted to move overseas post Brexit.

The European Banking Authority has already announced plans to move from its current home at Canary Wharf to La Défense and it is anticipated that other financial institutions may be tempted to follow suit.

While you can’t blame the French for chancing their arm as the Brexit negotiations enter a particularly tricky stage, what was particularly galling about their attempts to woo occupiers was the accompanying tongue-in-cheek ‘Le Frog’ campaign, complete with the strapline: ‘Tired of the fog? Try the frogs.’

If that’s their best form of attack, we may not have to worry too much about La Défense.