There’s a new co-working operator in town and this company means business. The name of this unlikely entrant into the flexible workspace sector? Hooters.


Hooters: the future home of co-working?

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Premnath Kudva

Yes, that’s right – the classy US restaurant chain that features hostesses in skin-tight vests and skimpy shorts serving flagons of frothy-headed beers is going into competition with operators like WeWork and Workspace.

Fortune magazine has reported that a Hooters restaurant in Tokyo has teamed up with app Spacee to allow people to rent short-term workspace.

From 1pm to 7pm, when the restaurant is usually relatively quiet, people can hot-desk in Hooters for around $60 (£43) a month – significantly less than the rate charged by the majority of co-working/flexible workspace operators.

Unfortunately, unlike WeWork’s serviced office spaces, there isn’t free coffee and beer on tap, although Hooters is offering the people hot-desking there discounts on its drinks.

If nothing else the restaurant’s unique ‘vibe’ will certainly liven up boring business meetings.