Not content with showcasing his sporting prowess by co-founding the LandAid Mipim Tennis Classic, Inspired Asset Management chief executive Martin Skinner is set to make a racket in a different way ahead of this year’s event.

Mipim rally supercar

To raise funds for the post-disaster construction company BuildAid, Skinner and fellow property petrolheads will be taking part in a sponsored supercar rally from London to Cannes in the ’Inspired MIPIM Rally: The Drift to Cannes’.

Skinner hopes to “turn a few heads” as he drives through France in his customised McLaren 675 LT Spider and he is currently offering sponsorship space for company logos to be emblazoned all over the car to raise money for the charity.

Skinner car

Metropolis hopes that Skinner still has plenty of energy left in the tank for when he eventually makes it to Cannes for the Tennis Classic.

All people looking to get involved should email for further info and head to to make any donations.