Anybody who has ever met P3 Logistics Parks’ larger-than-life chief executive Ian Worboys knows he has an anecdote up his sleeve for any occasion and is a great storyteller. So it was little surprise to learn he has released an illustrated children’s book.

Ian with FC photo

Called The Frog Crush, the book – the first in a series of five – is written in verse and presents “the fun adventures of a group of animals with an educational message about the consequences of our actions”.

The books are part of a bucket list that Worboys wrote after his eldest son, Robert, aged 27, died peacefully in his sleep from sudden arrhythmia death syndrome in January 2016.

For the book, Worboys trawled through his memory banks to dig out the rhymes that he invented to entertain his four children when they were young.

“Parenting was a personal development experience for me and, I am sure, many others,” he says. “The Crush Series envisions a world in which unexpected situations can alter life’s course, but with heart, imagination and resilience it is possible to change the outcome from a sad event into one with a positive impact.”

The Robbie Bobby Foundation, set up in memory of Robert, will receive 10% of the profits of the book, which can be ordered at