Two weeks back at work and I’m already knackered. There’s no such thing as easing yourself into the new year in the world of property PR.

Spin class

Announcing deals completed just before the year end, new company launches, old company relaunches, preparing for December year-end results, doing things just to get start-of-the-year publicity for clients trying to give the (false) impression of activity… and then there are the entries for the Property Awards.

Writing 750 words-plus per entry is fine for clients in with a chance. But how do you tell a client that he has two hopes of winning Entrepreneur of the Year: “no” and “Bob”?

Sophie, my new work best friend (since she asked me to join her when she quits to form her own firm), reminds me that things can only get worse: “It’s Blue Monday next week.”

I am somewhat in awe of a rival PR firm that came up with the idea of an Aperol cocktail delivery service; on Blue Monday, an orange van will drive around London, Brighton and Bristol with an Italian bartender, making people Aperol spritz drinks. I’m on the list, you won’t be surprised to learn.

It’s just the type of stunt Sophie and I would pull off at our new firm (which may or may not be called “Sh! PR”, using our initials). I’m tired. I want out.