Cannes in June. Sunshine. Two music stages on the beach going until 2am. Femi Kuti, the Afrobeat legend. Business people in jeans and T-shirts.

Spin class

I’m rather looking forward to the rearranged Mipim sharing the stage with Midem, the music event. I’ve managed to rearrange my accommodation (at no extra cost), my flight to Marseille and my car. But let’s face it, coronavirus is getting worse, not better, so I’m not holding my breath that it will happen.

“Hen, you know about the poster in Southampton for the An Evening With Peter Andre, which said don’t touch Peter Andre due to coronavirus?” Sophie asks. “Well, now the Chesham Dogging club has cancelled all parties until further notice. That’s a blow for you.”

“Haha, I’ll have to drive a little further for my kicks,” I reply. In truth, our clients are remarkably nonchalant, despite the potential financial crisis looming. Typical real estate – long leases, secure rents. We’re safe and sound. They should all go up to Bicester Village, where I was last weekend. It was a ghost town.

“Sophie, I think we should self-isolate,” I say. “My diary is completely blank because of Mipim being cancelled. Let’s take our laptops, lock the office and work from home next week”.

“Hen, you’re right. Let’s do it”.