Exactly a week before Covid restrictions were not lifted, Pastis Communications began doing its bit to save the planet.

Spin class

Soph and I introduced a four-day working week with no reduction in our very-much-less-than-we-would-like pay. We’d read a report that said a four-day week would help the country meet its climate targets. That’s what we’ll tell our clients when they ask, anyway…

On the first day, which Soph had off, I was forwarded an email to her, the PR equivalent of the phishing scam. A legit company was sending round a mass email, saying it was looking for PR support and would we be interested. So far, fine. But it was when I spoke to the in-house marcomms person there that I realised she had no interest in us and was simply looking for a free quote to use to knock down her incumbent PR firm.

I submitted a half-hearted proposal the next day and I’ve yet to hear back.

Half-hearted is how I have been feeling about our new client (paying us a pittance), whose intention is to launch a chain of vegan cafés, called The Good Life Café. But I must suspend my cynicism – he has signed his first lease, on a site in Surbiton where the famous Good Life sitcom of the ‘70s took place. That’s an angle I can spin, a diary story in a national, perhaps?