Snort! Soph’s face is a picture of dread when I say: “Hands up who’s been to Peppa Pig World?” My poor colleague had suffered Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight and worse last year with her sister and her two young daughters. “Sterilise me right now, Hen,” she had said on her return.

Spin class

But we do agree we will get Boris Johnson’s “funkapolitan” reference to cafés in our next impending press release for The Good Life Café (announcing its second London opening at the beginning of next year in Veganuary).

Our new client (paying us a life-saving £3k monthly retainer), a logistics investor, has saved up a load of news for us to announce in the first few weeks. Plus, he wants us to review (ie rewrite) his website. This is typical of new clients – you do loads of work initially, then it quietens down and they start wondering if PR is worth it. Anyway, we have to crank out a first press release about his company buying a unit let to Hermes, which for anyone outside real estate, who thinks of Hermes as the delivery firm that chucks your parcel over the fence, doesn’t sound like a good investment.

“Soph, have you got that logistics market report he gave us?” I ask.

“Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me…” she replies, as she frantically shuffles through her bits of paper.