It’s August and the non-stop workdays of cycling through emails, Zoom calls, press releases, LinkedIn posts and new business presentations are on pause. 

Spin class

Everyone is either on hols or thinking about their hols, which is not something Sophie and I predicted back in the early days of lockdown. We thought August would be just another month and holidays would all be cancelled.

We also wrongly predicted a mass return to offices after lockdown ended on 4 July. The City this morning was a ghost town – I saw more people in my local Waitrose. What can you do, eh?

At least we can keep busy with our office move. We’re taking space at our new client Divoc’s first building in Camden, which is opening on 1 September. Soph negotiated six months rent free and knocked the rent down from £45/sq ft to £40/sq ft. Get in!

Last week, we launched the company and its new building in the real estate media and even got a small bit in The Times. The client was very happy. Now he wants us to churn out social media posts, particularly Instagram with loads of cool pics. It’s quite fun, really. Maybe August will fly by after all!