Work has never been busier and it’s been quite tricky for Sophie and me to control from our homes. We gave up the lease on our old office, so we need a new one.

Spin class

The obvious move would be to our new client Divoc’s first building in Camden, which is opening on 1 September. Trouble is our client’s not being very generous on the terms – he wants us to sign a three-year lease at £45/sq ft, although he’ll give us the first six months rent free.

We’ve just done two new business pitches via Zoom, with one more to go. They seemed to go well. We just had to make sure we didn’t speak over each other, which is really annoying on video calls. It was difficult to know what fees to charge. We ended up going for the same as pre-Covid, knowing that the companies would use Covid as an excuse to chip.

“Hen, did you see that story about nine in 10 journalists preferring PR professionals to pitch via email instead of phone calls?” Sophie says on our morning Teams call.

“Major bit of research apparently.”

“Same as it ever was,” I reply wearily.