Oh joy! RED (Run Every Day) January is over – I sort of ran/jogged/walked fastish every day – and, best of all, I submitted all entries in time for the Property Awards deadline – just.

Spin class

And now we’ve Brexited, maybe we can land some clients more confident about life and spending on promotion. I’ve contacted everyone I know in the real estate world who is not yet a client (ie everyone except four people) with a pdf of our new creds document.

Sophie and I have had five coffee meetings and got a pipeline of pre-Mipim hook-ups. Two have asked for a proposal, including fees. We’ll suggest a £4,000 monthly retainer and accept a knockback to £3,000. That’s OK; our two junior staff can do the work.

Now comes the heart-wrenching decision on whether to go to Mipim. Return flights are already £450-plus. Sophie might go – she’s dating a former client who’ll be in Cannes, so she’ll have no accommodation costs.

Blimey, I’d like a boyfriend too. It’s been a while and most of my girlfriends are no longer single (so largely unavailable for nights out). Tinder is a no-no. I’ll find that pic of me 10 years ago and give Match.com a go. Ha ha.