Lockdown may be over but the weirdness continues….

Spin class

On Saturday, Sophie and I had a night out in Soho. The place was heaving and before midnight we headed home. Next day, we went for a walk round our old stomping ground, the City, only to find it deserted. Every day, there’s news of job losses and retail closures, yet life at Pastis Communications has never been busier. Seriously!

Every client – OK, so we only have four – wants us to do things. And we have three new business pitches to prepare for, so we’re going to unfurlough our three junior team members. Preparing to pitch via Zoom is a bit of a challenge. We’ll have to be very disciplined about when we speak and for how long – no room for PR BS on Zoom!

Of the three pitches, we have a start-up that wants to repurpose retail; a medium-sized listed company, where the guy leading the PR at the agency has left (and will probably pick it up at his new agency); and an established, low-profile business that suddenly wants to employ a PR agency (no doubt because they want to sell up).

The ‘new normal’ is starting to look a lot like the old normal.