On Monday, it had just gone 10 when Sophie and I received a call from a client wanting to put their contract on hold.

Spin class

So far, our three other clients are sticking with us – but for how much longer? I mean, we haven’t exactly done much for them this week other than phone them up to see how they are, arrange a Skype video call and agree that it’s a waste of time to announce anything transactional just now.

On Tuesday, Soph and I said we’d work from home for the foreseeable. Rather than wallow in self-isolation, the next day I got up early and walked down to my local Tesco. There was a queue a mile long so I headed back home.

Things are pretty surreal at the moment. There’s so much uncertainty, but we’re probably more fortunate than we realise – even if all our clients freeze their contracts for three months or more, we’ll be OK. Pastis Communications will live to fight another day! That said, we do have office rent to pay – we’ll need to sweeten up the landlord for a rent holiday – plus two junior members of staff are itching to be paid pronto.

But we’re all in the same boat and will just have to muddle through as best we can, right?