In the ultra-competitive world of flexible workspace, operators are constantly looking for an edge. Free coffee and beer are yesterday’s news. So what next?

Reed diffuser


Could fancy hotels, Disneyland and retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch hold the answer? IWG flexible workspace brand Spaces clearly thinks so because like them, it plans to start pumping out branded fragrance at its premises.

No.10 Spirit de Travail, aka ‘spirit of work’, has been developed by Spaces and fragrance firm Marie-Stella-Maris and is coming to a Spaces office near you soon. Its launch follows research by Gary E Schwartz from the University of Arizona that suggests negative feelings and stress can be countered by smell.

According to Spaces, ‘spirit of work’, which is already available in the Netherlands as a room spray and diffuser, will “stimulate a worker’s sense of smell to make them feel more at ease and ultimately boost their productivity”. It’s all down to the “citrus notes from Calabrian bergamot and ingredients like cinnamon bark, vetiver and sandalwood” apparently.

It can surely only be a matter of time before rivals sniff opportunity – one in particular. WeSmell, anyone?