There are many different ways to top your pancake but do you know which pancake-themed street has the top house prices?

Pancakes day emoov

To mark Pancake Day 2018 (aka Mardi Gras, aka Shrove Tuesday), Emoov looked at the best pancake-themed streets across England and found how they stacked up to the national average house price.

Evaluating data across 17 neighbourhoods for aspirational buyers with a sweet tooth, the group found that the average price reaches £350,000 - up to 24% more than the national average.

Taking their lead from the most common toppings, the most expensive houses can be found in Honey Bottom, Newbury (average price £970,415), Sugar Lane in Macclesfield (£860,651), Fruitlands in Eynsham (£548,730), Strawberry Valley in Dartmouth (£455,586) and, filling a core base, Pancake Lane itself in Gloucester (£422,519).

By contrast, the most affordable location is Blueberry Avenue in Manchester (£100,695), followed by Cream Street in Sheffield (£118,319) and Lemon Grove in Bordon, Hampshire (£127,000).

“Who knew that there were so many streets across England with names associated with Pancake Day?” said Russell Quirk, Emoove’s founder and CEO.

“Although it’s unlikely anyone would invest in a property solely because of their love for pancakes, those that are thinking about it would have to pay 24% more than the average house price in England.”