Every day is ‘bring your dog to work day’ at Kontor.

Property Eye AP

The office agency recently welcomed two new fluffy additions after an exhausting recruitment process at the local kennel, with potential candidates undergoing thorough petting.

Miniature dachshund Wally and cavapoo Sooty (pictured) have settled into their new roles at Kontor’s recently reopened London offices and are busy chasing up leads and sniffing out deals, in between play fighting and begging for treats.

Wally and Sooty are by no means Kontor’s only four-legged recruits. The company’s New York office boasts no fewer than eight dogs: Leo, Lola, Negin, Pedro, Ruby, Sid, Stanley and Tibs.

The friendly new starters are well-featured on Kontor’s Instagram page and are happy to be petted by visitors. But be sure to email ahead – the pups are still learning how to work the phones.