Experts analyse the prospects for recovery and identify areas of growth in the coming year

After five years of downturn and stagnation, what will 2013 bring? Property thought leaders gathered to discuss the opportunities and threats in the year ahead.

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Our panel of experts and their predictions for 2013

“DTZ London will continue to drive the UK economy, so the UK will remain a fundamental part of the European future.”
John Forrester, DTZ chief executive

“Prupim 2013 will be the year residential and the private-rented sector gets off the ground as an institutional investment class.”
Alex Jeffrey, Prupim chief executive

“Almacantar As a result of the growing contrast between well-funded businesses and those that are not so well funded that will find it difficult to access assets, we will see quite a bit more mergers and acquisitions and corporate activity.”
Mike Hussey, Almacantar managing director

“Barclays There is probably going to be a greater allocation of capital available, leading to a wave of optimism in the second half of the year.”
Brendan Jarvis, Barclays head of real estate

“Jones Lang LaSalle We will see significant growth in residential and other alternative investment classes.”
Andrew Hynard, Jones Lang LaSalle UK deputy chairman

“Tesco Pension Fund We will see consolidation in property fund management. There will be fewer fund managers.”
Jenny Buck, Tesco Pension Fund head of property

“British Property Federation I worry about debt outside prime. Things will get worse and I hope the government will understand that it needs to do something.”
Peter Cosmetatos, British Property Federation director of policy (finance)

“Lloyds Banking Group I expect to see greater interest in certain sections of the secondary property market, driven by the search for income.”
Richard Dakin, Lloyds Banking Group managing director and head of corporate real estate

“Legal & General Property The income argument for real estate and diversification means that, contrary to expectations, real estate will deliver a double-digit return in 2013.”
Bill Hughes, Legal & General Property managing director

“Land Securities The market has underestimated eurozone problems, particularly in France. That will have a dampening effect.”
Rob Noel, Land Securities chief executive

“Schroders There will be growth in size of the listed sector.”
William Hill, Schroders head of property

“Great Portland Estates Heron Tower will fully let.”
Toby Courtauld, Great Portland Estates chief executive

“Cushman & Wakefield In parts of London you will get reverse obsolescence, where buildings that have character will be used by people who don’t want normal office space.”
Bryan Laxton, Cushman & Wakefield chief executive officer

“JP Morgan Cazenove For the first time in 50 years there is an income arbitrage for those who can buy good-quality real estate and borrow at low rates. That’s a very positive basis to grow the sector.”
Robert Fowlds, JP Morgan Cazenove MD, head of real estate, corporate finance

“Oxford Properties We are going to see global investors and first-time market participants go through a phase of realisation of what it is that they have bought and what is involved in maturing into a sustainable player.”
Paul Brundage, Oxford Properties executive vice-president of global asset management

Giles Barrie, Property Week editor-in-chief (chair)
Bryan Pickup, SJ Berwin partner
Simon Ricketts, SJ Berwin partner
David Ryland, SJ Berwin partner

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