Mubadala, Abu Dhabi’s increasingly active state investment vehicle, is expected to announce new deals in the next four to six weeks as it seeks to take advantage of continuing financial turmoil in global markets, including opportunities in the depressed US real estate market.

Waleed Ahmed al-Morkarrab al-Muhairi, Mubadala’s chief operating officer, told the Financial Times that the company was looking at heavy industrial type deals, as well as real estate.

'This is a defining moment. Debt markets are a little thin, capital markets are volatile and so there is opportunity there,” Mr Muhairi said.

'We have so many deals on the screen that it is very difficult to say, from a sequencing perspective, what we are going to hit, but we are looking quite heavily at the industrial space, so heavy industrial type of deals [and] real estate, especially in the United States.”

Financial Times